Renmark receives first shipment of 5000 native Queensland cane toads to counter record number of insects

The flooding of 2022 has devastated the Riverland region, and alongside the flood waters are a host of other issues. More water means more breeding grounds for insects, particularly mosquitoes, and the riverside town of Renmark has experienced this worse than anywhere else.

“We’re seeing a record number of mosquitoes currently, it’s a nightmare,

“We have to implement drastic measures to deal with them,” claims Renmark mayor Moss Kiedis.

“Earlier this month we sent a request to the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, to ask for a live import of cane toads, and because it’s a native species and somewhat endangered it did take a while for the process to happen. But after almost a month of waiting we’ve finally received our 5000 native cane toads, hungry and ready to dig in to some bugs. Our hope is that they will have a devastating effect on the new mosquito population,” the mayor continued.

The Renmark mayor has stated that this shipment is the only the first batch, and more cane toads will be arriving if they are found to be effective.

The Riverlanderer will update as this story develops.

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