Berri Primary School adds forklift licence lessons to 2022 curriculum after receiving PM’s approval

Berri Primary School has anounced today their plans to introduce new forklift licence lessons for the 2022 curriculum, after Prime Minister Scott Morrison lowered the national forklift licence age to 12. With the change approved through parliament, it’s expected that most Riverland schools will follow suit.

The forklift license lessons will begin as early as 2nd grade, where the basic concepts of forklift operation and safety will be taught, but students will have to wait until 6th grade before they are allowed to operate one, with the school hoping that all students will move onto 7th grade with a full forklift license.

With funding help from the Berri council, the school has obtained a total of three forklifts, and is converting part of the oval into a simulated forklift environment, where students will be able to practice standard forklift operations safely.

The Riverlanderer will update as this story develops.

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