Monash military display leaves nearby towns nervous; Glossop expected to retaliate

The town of Monash boasts impressive military strength.

The village of Monash has once again flexed their military strength, with a braggadocious display of soldiers and nuclear arms. This comes at a tense time, as relations between Monash and nearby settlement Glossop are at a historically low point. Expert analysists fear a clash between the two, if tensions don’t de-escalate soon.

“It’s ridiculous, nothing but a gaudy show of power to try and intimidate.”

“Monash was very clear about what they were doing,” said Riverland Military Analysist Kim John. “They’ll talk all day about how it was a routine display to show off the new equipment to the public, but that’s a hilariously bad lie, no one’s falling for that. The display sent a message loud and clear, and that message was a warning to the other towns that Monash is armed and dangerous, and they’re going to use that as leverage to bully them into doing whatever Monash asks of them.”

The Monash/Glossop border is often disputed, making it a dangerous area.

Glossop, on the other hand is not nearly as organised as Monash. With their military power consisting of a ragtag group of vigilantes led by a wild gunman, they face the serious threat of defeat if Monash decides to engage. Despite this, the Glossop leader has stated they are ‘armed and ready’ for any invasion that Monash attempts.

The Riverlanderer will update as this story develops.

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