Big Orange reopening ‘a massive success’

The opening day boasted visitor numbers in the hundreds.

Iconic Riverland landmark ‘The Big Orange’ experienced a very successful reopening last weekend, with tourists from all over Australia coming down to attend. Boasting numbers well into the hundreds, new owners are confident this is the start of a very fruitful business.

“It was very rewarding, yes. To be able to reopen such an important cultural piece of The Riverland, and to see so many come to appreciate it, it really makes all the hard work put in to fixing it up worth it. We had not only Riverland residents visiting, but tourists from all over. People came from Adelaide, Mildura, and even Melbourne to witness the reopening.” said co-owner Kianna Benitez.

The Big Orange has frequently switched owners in the past, with many of them inevitably shutting down due to lack of visitors. The new owners remain hopeful that this will not be the case for them, and are ‘open to ideas’ from the community on ways to keep the place alive.

“We definitely want to run The Big Orange as a community space. Events, parties, weddings, or anything else, we can host it! Please don’t hesitate to drop in or give us a call if you want to organise something, we’re definitely open to it.” said co-owner Harry Sheperd.

The Big Orange is located on the Sturt Highway between Berri and Renmark, and is now open 7 days a week.

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