Second wave: 10,000 seasonal workers to enter The Riverland to cover harvest worker shortage

A second wave of imported workers will be entering The Riverland soon, to cover the shortage of employees for the mid 2021 harvest season. The workers are necessary, as farmers claim the locals ‘too lazy to work’. We spoke with a local farmer for more insight on the situation.

“You just can’t find good workers around here, even when you offer high pay. Work hard enough and you can make up to $15/hr here, people are just too lazy and would rather sit at home on cennalink.”

The workers will be required to perform a 2-week quarantine, although there are concerns about where they’ll be staying. With a lack of available hotel rooms, councils have called upon generous locals to lend a hand where they can.

“If there’s anyone out there with a spare bedroom, a granny flat, or even a living room couch to lend out for a few weeks for the quarantine, it would be much appreciated. Come on Riverland, let’s show our Riverland hospitality and do our part to help out!”

The workers are set to arrive here in early May.

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