Monash Playground twin towers targeted by concerned parents over 9/11 associations

The iconic Monash Playground twin towers are planned to be taken down via controlled demolition later this year, after receiving several complaints about their associations to the late twin towers, which were targeted in the historic 9/11 terror attacks.

“How do I explain to my kids when they ask me why the Monash Playground has two towers, and why they look like they’re falling down? A 6-year old can not comprehend terrorism. I refuse to sit down and explain this to a child.” Exclaimed a concerned parent.

“As we approach the 20 year anniversary of the attacks, many people are reflecting upon this, and realising that there are certain references to this horrific event in our lives, and we need to do something about this. It’s unacceptable to display swastikas in public, how are twin towers any different?”

The Monash council has stated that the decision to demolish them is one that’s long overdue.

“The twin towers came down on 9/11, ours should have came down on 10/11 out of respect. Australia/America relations are deeply important to us, and we need to continue to make efforts to build this bond between our two great nations. Frankly it’s embarrassing that it’s taken this long to correct, and to our American friends, I apologise greatly.”

5 thoughts on “Monash Playground twin towers targeted by concerned parents over 9/11 associations

  1. This is ridiculous.
    I’m a current serving military member who grew up in the Riverland and will be writing to the Berri/Barmera council immediately.
    If anything, demolishing the towers would be seen as supporting terrorism.


  2. As a dual Australian/North American citizen I’m extremely humbled to have confirmed with The Monash City Council, that this danger WILL BE REMOVED from the playground by December 2022. Not because of it’s support of terrorism but rather due to its deteriorating foundation, over the years both towers have been observed to be leaning away from each other in a dangerous manner. So in a proactive approach the council will remove them as they have with all of the playground’s other historic structures Riverlanders’ have come to love over the past decades.


  3. As a serving member of the military and a gun owner, I see this as a travesty. In demolishing these buildings they will be supporting George W. Bush and his conspiracy to attack the Middle East by pretending that planes, piloted by Saudi Arabians, were crashed into the towers. This is a lie, they were holograms and it was actually bombs planted in the buildings by Afghan children. George W. Bush bought those children from Jeffrey Epstein, who didn’t kill himself.


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