Glossop small business owner shoots for the stars

Photo credit: Alex Riley

A heartwarming story, owner of the Glossop corner store has ended the day with a bang, after experiencing his best day of sales yet. A “hidden gem” of the Riverland, with many praising the owner’s customer service skills.

“He’s always kind and helpful, always shoots us a smile when we come in”. As stated by a regular of the store. “The store is always loaded, he’s armed with an arsenal of various interesting goods to purchase.”

Loxton a current front runner for the prestigious “Golden Abbott” award

Great news for residents of this small town! Loxton is currently ahead in votes for the prestigious Golden Abbott award, which along with it’s great reputation, comes with a shiny golden statue to be proudly displayed in the town center. The Golden Abbott award is presented by ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott himself, who will be making a public appearance within the town that wins the award.

“I’m really fond of small towns, and I always love to do my part to help those smaller communities in need.” He stated. “There’s just a lot of communities that could really use our help, especially in times like these.”

Mr Abbott has also generously pledged to cover up to 40% of the costs of the statue, to ease the financial burden of the Loxton council and ratepayers who will cover the rest.

Top 3 places to stop and have a chat in The Riverland during the COVID-19 pandemic

Amongst the chaos that’s came with COVID-19, it’s still good to stop every now and then, and just catch up with your mates. Our field research team has came up with the top 3 locations in The Riverland where you can stop to have a chat.

3. In the middle of a supermarket aisle

That’s right, park your trolley to the side and stand right in the middle to have a chat, don’t worry about other shoppers, they can wait! Your conversation is more important than the meaningless material possessions people are purchasing, so wherever you are in the supermarket, just stop and have a chat!

2. Inside a small cafe or takeaway shop

Most of these places have a very small inside area, and only allow 2 or 3 people inside at once, but that’s alright! Don’t wait outside in the cold, stay inside as long as you can and have a chat. Every business loves happy customers, even if you’re preventing more customers from coming inside.

1. Anywhere you like!

On the sidewalk, at the entrance to a shop, a car park, it doesn’t matter! Even during a global pandemic, the most important thing is your right to stop wherever you want and have a conversation. Social distancing is the responsibility of other people, obviously not you, you’re special.

So go out there, have a chat!

Coles to scrap new “social distancing” car park scheme after realising nobody parks within the lines anway

Supermarket giant Coles has announced today that its plan to increase the size of car parks to accomodate the social distancing rules has been scrapped, after field research determined that people don’t even park within the lines.

Coles spokesperson Oliver Gray stated: “We researched 3 separate Coles car parks in Adelaide, and every single car failed to park within the lines. Cars were parked across two or three spaces, or just halfway up the curb. What we assumed was just a basic fundamental of driving apparantly gets forgotten as soon as people drive into the car park.”

Coles have stated that they haven’t given up, and a new plan is currently in the works.

Heartwarming! Hundreds gather at community BBQ to share stockpiled food amid COVID-19 crisis

In a touching display of community spirit, hundreds of locals have gathered together in an effort to help those less fortunate.

Remnark local Angus Walsman stated: “The idea came together when I realised I had a freezer full of meat, and my neighbour had a freezer full of veggies, and we thought if we all come together and put our foods together, we can all benefit.”

“We hired out an oval and a few tents, which was a bit cramped – sitting shoulder to shoulder, but the community spirit was there, and we feel like it really helped bring everyone together.”

The event, held on March 22nd is said to be the first of many “community spirit” events aimed to offer support to those effected by the COVID-19 crisis.