It’s official, The Big Orange set for demolition on April 17th

A sad day for Riverlanders and Orange fanatics around the world, as the Berri Barmera Council approves demolition of The Big Orange after the land was recently purchased in a private sale.

While the new owner of the land has not yet stated what will be built in place of it, he has stated that he will allow people to view The Big Orange one last time. With the demolition set for this coming Monday, Riverlanders are invited to come and see The Big Orange on the weekend. The gates will still be locked and access to the site will be prohibited to the public, but it will be viewable from the parking area just off the highway.

Once demolition is complete, debris from The Big Orange will be reserved and made available to purchase to those who wish to keep a part of it.

The Riverlanderer will update as this story develops.

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