The Big Orange destroyed after Berri police officers mistake it for grounded Chinese spy balloon

One of Berri’s most iconic landmarks, The Big Orange, has been viciously destroyed in the early hours of Sunday morning, after several Berri police officers raised their weapons towards it, shooting it to pieces.

Police spokesperson Ian Flate is calling it ‘an error in judgement’, but insists the officers had good intentions.

“A judgement call had to be made, and the officers did what they believed to be in the best interest of the town’s safety,” Spokesperson Ian claimed.

“Several other western nations have detected Chinese spy balloons in their airspace scouting out strategic zones, and due to this our own police force has been on high alert. As many of you are aware, Berri is home to several valuable military assets, including some which are undisclosed and classified, so it’s not unreasonable to believe that a Chinese spy balloon could be gathering intel in our area,” he continued.

While The Big Orange has not been open to the public since 2021, it has still remained a distinctive feature of the town. SA Police are yet to comment regarding the repair plan for The Big Orange.

The Riverlanderer will update as this story develops.

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