Renmark ratepayers call out council’s frivolous spending, claim money wasted on ‘dying tourism industry’ rather than on ‘digging a really big hole in the ground’

The Renmark council has once again come under fire from the town’s ratepayers, after a recent town meeting ended in controversy. The council revealed its allocations of the 2022 financial year budget, much to the townspeople’s disamusement. With a majority of the budget going towards upgrades to boost the town’s tourism industry, residents were claiming they were ‘fed up’ with injecting money into what they believe is a lost cause.

“We’re sick and tired of this happening year after year,” claims a local resident who wishes to remain anonymous.

“The council is so dead set on pumping money into nothing but tourism, and we the people of the town get nothing. The ratepayers who fund the council should have more say, and receive more of a benefit from the money we put into the town,” she continued.

The townspeople of Renmark have stated that their needs aren’t being met, and the council is not interested in providing the facilities that they’re asking for.

“What we really want in Renmark is a really big hole in the ground. For years this is all we’ve been asking for and yet the council still ignores us. The money being wasted on frivolous luxuries to attract tourists, such as the new town clock, the waterfront park, and the new bridge, could instead be used to fund the equipment and the workers to dig a really big hole in the ground for the town to admire,” said passionate Renmark resident Wayne Spade.

The Riverlanderer will update as this story continues.

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