Secret underground party widely advertised to public

If you’ve never heard of secret underground club nights, it’s hardly surprising. Being secret and underground, only a select group of people normally spread the word amongst themselves about such events through whispers in dark alleys, or via coded messages attached to the legs of specially trained carrier pigeons. This, however, is not much good for the organisers of secret events, as secrecy doesn’t bring in the big bucks. A beloved local Riverland DJ & event organiser believes he has found the solution though. ‘Skrillez’ spoke exclusively to The Riverlanderer about his innovative new method of spreading the word about secret underground events.

“Extensive public advertising,” he revealed.

“It’s so simple really, yet nobody before me has thought of it. I’m quite proud of that fact.”

Skrillez, along with his usual group of local DJ friends, has a secret underground party planned for this very weekend. When asked about how it can be regarded as secret or underground when the venue, date, time and pretty much all the details are being vigorously promoted for weeks leading up to the event like literally every other DJ night, Skrillez had this to say:

“Well the thing is, nobody knows about it apart from people who use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Google. Or people who listen to the radio… or people who look at posters and flyers. It’s very hush-hush… very low-key. You just have to be in the know.”

Skrillez is an innovator who smashes through the boundaries of tradition. Up until now, secret underground parties have been held in places like private warehouses or remote properties. This weekend’s event however, is being held in a popular town’s public function centre, right opposite the Riverland’s busiest fast food hub. (Note: The Riverlanderer is not revealing the name of the town in the interest of maintaining the element of secrecy).

“Nobody saw this coming,” said Skrillez.

“After years of planning, my DJs and I will be creating a ‘counter culture’ to the mainstream.”

Although the night will be using the same DJs as non-secret events, playing the same music as non-secret events, and the same group of party-goers are expected to attend who also attend all the non-secret events, Skrillez believes the name of the event alone is enough to generate an atmosphere of mystery and exclusivity. Is everyone really going to buy it though?

“People will believe what I tell them to believe,” said Skrillez with a grin.

For more information, Google ‘Renmark secret underground party’.

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