Tribute Band Giants Coming to the Riverland

With the emergence of COVID-19 a few years ago, the the music industry took a massive hit. But as the world has slowly gone back to normal, it has risen from the ashes with massive bands going back on tour…and this time the Riverland is on the map!

Tribute band, the ZAP BOYS are heading to the Riverland on Saturday 12th of November to play some of the greatest hits of (we assume) Frank Zappa! These include great tunes such as “Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow” and “Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?”

We managed to get in contact with Frank Zappa via special telephone to ask him for his thoughts on the band!

Jim Heath and Riverlanderer team interviewing Mr Zappa. Image by Lance Charles.

“I think these guys sound amazing and just like Led Zeppelin!”, said Frank. “If I was a Riverlander I would be snapping up a ticket asap”.

We aren’t sure why a tribute band for Mr Zappa’s music would sound like Led Zeppelin but we are sure that the band must be stoked to have the endorsement of the one and only Frank Zappa!

Get in quick while tickets are still on presale!

In other news, prescription glasses have reportedly dropped in quality in the last year leaving many with subpar vision! Luckily for me and my team, our glasses don’t seem to be affected!

The Riverlanderer will update this story as it develops.

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