Berri Bridge celebrates 25th anniversary with new guided bridge climbing experiences

It’s been 25 years since the iconic Berri Bridge finished construction, connecting the land between Berri and Loxton. While residents have praised the functionality of the bridge, many have also celebrated its beauty, and after receiving many suggestions, the council has finally approved a business to start offering bridge climbs. ‘Berri Bridge Xtreme Climbing Adventures’ will be launching at the start of September, offering different climbing experiences for both locals and tourists.

“We believe we can offer an experience to rival the Sydney Harbour Bridge,” claims head of Berri Bridge Xtreme Climbing Adventures, Bridget West.

“The Sydney Harbour Bridge brings in over 100,000 climbers each year, we think we can match that. This really is a unique opportunity to put Berri on the map. At $115 per climb for the basic package, this will bring in a huge amount of revenue for the town, and locals are welcome too! We’re even offering a 2% discount for any Berri residents who purchase a climbing experience during the opening week,” Bridget continued.

The Berri Council claims this will be a worthwhile investment, and that the initial rates increase for Berri residents will pay off over time as more and more tourists visit the region.

“With a humble rates increase of 30% we can fund what could be the state’s largest tourist attraction,” a Berri Council spokesperson claims.

The Riverlanderer will update as this story develops.

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