Trendy Travellers Ditching Vans for Tinnies

Local Correspondant Pattrick Huber with one of the many Tinny Homes travelling through the region.

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic many Australian holidaymakers have been encouraged to seek a venture within their own country. Although international borders have since been reopened, many are still choosing to avoid the large waiting queues at airports. While Australians had to endure lockdowns and closures, naturally, people have begun picking up new hobbies to do during their time at home. Hobbies such as backyard grown lettuce and handcrafting model trains have gained large popularity. Combine the desire to be a tourist in your own hometown and also picking up new hobby’s; the culture of #VanLife had sprung!

After two years behind a steering wheel, travellers are now getting bored of the open road but still enjoy waking up to some of the best views in the world, this is why many are now swapping out their old home on the road for a fresher home on the river.

Trendy lifestyle blogger Iyam Dum quotes in her bestselling book The Modern Hippy “I went to a psychedelic music festival hosted near Wigley Flat along the Murray River last year. Waking up (in a tinny boat) on water the following day was when I had my lightbulb moment.” The life on the river movement has since quickly gained traction and we are now seeing more traffic on our waterways than ever. “While we are absolutely stoked that people are enjoying the open water, we would like to remind everyone that our river locks are only operational at certain times of the day and that this can cause some interesting traffic jams.” boasted lock master Lochlan Meister.

Traffic chaos at one of the many locks along the Murray River.

The Riverlanderer will update as this story develops.

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