Concerns in Canberra as ‘foot-in-mouth’ disease runs rampant in parliament house

The highly contagious and devastating ‘foot in mouth disease’ is hastily making it’s way through the parliament house. Experts are warning that this could be the largest outbreak of the disease in Canberra since the 1990’s.

“It is incredibly concerning,” claims Dr Beau Vine.

“We’ve not seen an outbreak like this in the capital since the mid 90’s when PM John Howard told the public he would never ever introduce GST, and now we’re seeing it happen all over again with PM Anthony Albanese claiming last week he wouldn’t reinstate the covid-19 pandemic payments. The foot-in-mouth disease is incredibly devastating and if not dealt with soon, the entire parliament house may need to be culled,” he continued.

Politicians are one of the most vulnerable demographics when it comes to foot-in-mouth disease, and experts are advising the public to be vigilant and keep their distance to avoid catching the disease.

The Riverlanderer will update as this story develops.

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