Overtaking lanes soon to be abolished in SA

The state government of South Australia met last week on the 31st of June to discuss numerous traffic related problems throughout the state. One of the most eventful outcomes of the meeting was the unanimous decision to begin removing overtaking lanes from country highways.

“There’s no point in them being there as anyone going under the speed limit will quickly speed up to prevent being passed on an overtaking lane anyway” said chief traffic officer Dr. Iven Fast. “We are going to replace all overtaking lane areas with prune juice dispensers and caravan friendly parking. All road sign text size will be increased by 40% also.”

We spoke to young motorist, Audrey Williams who was heavily against the idea.

“I think it’s ridiculous! exclaimed Mrs Williams. “I’ve been driving for 96 years, and I’ve always sped up from my usual 60 km/hr to 115 km/hr whenever I hit an overtaking lane! It is my right, I pay my taxes!”

After Mrs Williams had found her teeth again and smoked some iceberg lettuce, she went on to admit the prune juice dispenser sounded quite nice.

The state government has assured everyone the overtaking lanes will not go to waste, where they will be relocated to the Adelaide 500 and Bathurst 1000 to encourage the drivers to go faster.

The Riverlanderer will provide updates on this story as it develops.

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