“It’s not fair” claim local drug users, as growers move away from marijuana to the more lucrative vegetable market

The Australian economy is currently going through a devastating period. With the cost of living going up, and the cost of raw materials going up, many industries have suffered. However, local farmers are bringing in record profits, as the cost of fruit and vegetables has skyrocketed in recent months. This has led many residents to move towards growing their own vegetables, including those who previously illegally grew marijuana crops. Local councils have called this a ‘smart decision’, however the drug users beg to differ.

“It’s really a difficult time to be a drug user,” states local drug user Clarence Brown-Davis.

“It’s really not fair, these greedy farmers chasing an easy profit have left people like myself with nothing. Every single dealer I’ve been to has switched away from weed to start growing lettuce, I can’t smoke that. When is the council going to step in and do something about this?” he continued.

The local councils have encouraged the change in operations, and have stated that illegal gang related activity has reached an all-time low in the region.

“We’ve seen local gangs move away from illegal activities into legitimate business. SA Police raided a gang house belonging to the motorcycle gang the ‘Renmark Rascals’, and found nothing except hydroponically grown iceberg lettuce. We’re really proud of how our community has come together during these difficult times,” said Renmark council spokesperson Ray Marks.

With the cost of lettuce expected to reach a high of over $20 per head, the council predicts that more and more people will switch away from growing marijuana into the lettuce market.

The Riverlanderer will update as this story develops.

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