Police warn of invasive cannabis plants found growing in Riverland farms

SA Police in conjunction with PIRSA have made an announcement today, on a new outbreak of an invasive plant. After a weekend operation targeting farm properties, police discovered cannabis plants growing in every single one. SA Police spokesperson Sgt. Biggs explains:

“We located several cannabis plants growing at the first property we searched. At first we were ready to arrest the property owner for cultivation of a controlled substance, until he explained that he never planted them and they had just started growing on their own. We were suspicious at first until our other team on a different property reported the same story. By the end of the operation, every single farm property we searched had reported the same invasive cannabis plants.”

After this unusual discovery SA Police contacted PIRSA to report on it, with PIRSA officials also being stunned by the outcome.

“This is absolutely a first for us. Never have we seen wild cannabis plants growing in such an invasive way. There were even some farms that had the invasive cannabis plants growing in indoor greenhouses, further showing how easily they can spread. Our next course of action is to send teams out to remove the plants to be burnt off. It will be a new challenge for our team, especially with the plant being found in such large quantities, it’s clear that it spreads very easily,” PIRSA member Matthew Warner said.

PIRSA has stated that this operation will need a large team to handle, claiming it’s one of the worst outbreaks of an invasive plant species ever found in the Riverland.

The Riverlanderer will update as this story develops.

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