Local Tradie discovers music after local radio station decides to play a song between advertisements

A local tradie has made the discovery of a lifetime while working on a job site in Renmark.

James, 28, has discovered music for the first time in his life. After his Makita radio started playing something other than an advertisement for a local business.

James with his Makita DMR108 Radio

“It was quite a shock!” James told us. “I was talking along with the advertisements as usual, I know them all off by heart, I also regularly visit these places just to get autographs and to talk about their commercials.”

This all changed on a Monday afternoon just after smoko, when the radio started playing something completely different to anything James had ever heard.

“It was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard” James exclaimed. “All of us all sat around the Makita radio for a few minutes listening to this new discovery, I had to share this with the world, I could make a lot of money from this, the bitcoins Joe Rogan told me to buy aren’t going too well at the moment.”

From then on, the music that James had discovered came on a few times everyday between the hours of advertisements for local businesses, halting work on the site for a few minutes at a time.

“I sometimes wonder if there are other songs out there? It’s the same song everyday, multiple times a day. Still, it’s incredible, I want it played at my funeral.” James said.

The only song James hears on his Makita Radio tuned to a local radio station is “Toxic x Pony Remix by ALTÉGO”

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