Millions of pets to suffer as local psychic predicts the death of rural veterinary clinics

It is no secret that most people like to try and save a buck or two. But when you live in a place like the Riverland, supporting local businesses is extremely important to keep the community thriving, despite needing to pay a little more.

Many people would understand the need for the marginally higher costs of a local business in a rural area, but apparently that number is not enough! World renowned psychic, Krystal Bawl, spoke to us at the Riverlanderer and filled us in on her ominous vision…

“I saw the closure of all Riverland vet clinics due to lack of support from the community”, said Krystal. “Local forum posts were rife with people complaining about the prices of the local clinics”.

She added after, “people are well within their right to do business with whoever they choose, but spreading hate to other people and running the local clinic’s through the mud for having higher prices is just plain wrong”.

While many are sceptical of Krystal’s astral power, we want to emphasise the legitimacy of her abilities. We checked the popular Facebook group, “The Riverland Forum”, and sure enough there were numerous posts complaining about local vet prices, just as she had foreseen.

Those with common sense would ask the question as to why someone would get a pet without researching the costs that come with them and then complain about said prices. However, apparently that sense isn’t as common as most would assume.

The even bigger question is…what is everyone going to do when the local clinics become underfunded? If they close down, how far will people have to drive to stop their pet choking on a ball or have its stomach pumped after eating a block of chocolate?

We hope these questions don’t have to be answered, and that Krystals premonition does not come true…

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