The Small Town with Big Plans

Local Correspondent Pattrick Huber breaking ground with Chief Journalist Lance Charles.

One of the countries finest property developers Large River Property, has decided to announce their latest development prospect.

“We saw the success of Jane Eliza estate in the friendly town of Renmark and have chosen a similar approach” mentioned by the company’s spokesperson, Oscar Achilleas.

When questioned about their proposed location Mr Achilleas said “Our research shows that The Riverland’s wealthiest individuals really like to build their dream homes on sinking swampland below the flood line, it would be our honour to help them make their dreams a reality! The Cobdogla Swamplands have been completely under utilised, this area has significant potential to become prime real estate.” 

Current Planning for the Latest Property bundles in Cobdogla

The plans show that there is plenty of opportunity to secure a plot during the first stage. As the location is conveniently opposite Bruno Bay, latter stages will include the construction of a marina and further land development. This will provide Cobdogla with the much needed revamp that is well overdue.

Some of the locals displayed their concerns “I like our aging population, they keep the noise down, not too sure about the young and reckless moving next door…” Although most locals have welcomed the idea with open arms “This could be the revamp that all the empty store fronts needed, very exciting!” 

Subject to Council Approval. The Riverlanderer will update as this story develops. 

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