Lake Bonney bridge finally complete after 98 years of construction

By Callum Regan

Barmera’s Lake Bonney has always been synonymous with the township and the citizens who reside in the houses that lay beneath the paddock sized puddle.
Atop that puddle, has always stood an unfinished bridge, in which the locals decided to label as a “jetty”.

As of today, like an absurdly overdue phone bill, the construction of the bridge has finally paid off; children and their elderly counterparts can now walk to the other side instead of miraculously tumbling off during those hot summer holidays.

Aerial view of the newly completed bridge (below this piece of text, I hope)

Riverland Council spokesperson Mr Lottawood has this to say:

“The reason the construction was delayed a number of times was due to lack of funding, however, installing the lights not too long ago helped attract investors from the RGB community. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for us.”

The long bridge will also attract a new wave of fisherman looking to catch the highest quality fish that school in the centre of the lake, but I don’t think it’s for their dinner or the bragging rights!
In a conversation with a local fisherman, he confessed that it is for a photo opportunity that would be uploaded to Tinder! What a catch!
Yes, I meant the man.

Due to time constraints, I was unable to cross the entire bridge. If you think walking from the pub to Pitstop is a tough walk, this one will give you a real challenge. However, there are no dims sims on the other side of this voyage.

More to come with time.

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