Tony Pasin releases EDM track in last-ditch effort to win over young voters

Tony Pasin has surprised his electorate today with the release of a bizarre new music track. Produced by Pasin himself, the short 1-minute track features vocals from Pasin, who is now under the alias of ‘Tony Bassin’. This shocking artistic endeavour comes after devastatingly low polling results for Pasin amongst the younger voters, with this being his attempt to win them over.

‘Tony Bassin’

“I knew something drastic had to be done.”

“The 18 – 24 age group has the lowest vote turnout of any demographic, I had to take advantage of it. Obviously my policies aren’t going to get the votes, so I turned to the one thing that can really speak to the youth; music,” Mr Pasin said.

“Many will remember PM John Howard’s time as a DJ, so this kind of thing runs in the liberal party,” Pasin continued.

With voting day coming up on the 21st of May, Mr Pasin remains hopeful that his foray into dance music will help push him through to victory.

The Riverlanderer will update as this story develops.

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