Truck Parks Outside Local Service Station Blocking All Traffic… Becomes a Hero

Journalist Pattrick Huber with the Star Truck.

Passing through Barmera, one of The Riverland’s finest towns, commuters will frequent the convenient service stations located on the national A20 Highway. Locals such as Jack Mehoff have questioned the safety on how some modes of transportation park their vehicles along this stretch of road, “You cannot see oncoming traffic whatsoever, someone must do something!”.

A potentially devastating hazard which many Riverland motorists have to endure.

Interstate truck driver now local hero Trent Ch, who periodically visits the headlining service station decided to take matters into his own hands by parking across the entire entry/exit. We were given the fantastic opportunity to have a chat “On my previous visit, I overheard some nearby residents speaking about safety, in regards to truck parking nearby their local servo. I had to do something!” said Mr Ch. “This is how I will park every time I visit and I encourage my fellow comrades to do the same!”.

A Fantastic Idea from Vigilante Truck Driver Trent Ch.

Statistically, one hundred percent of the time that a truck is parked in the wrong location, it becomes a hazard to motorists who need to see where they are going. Thanks to Mr Ch’s stroke of genius, not a single vehicle can go past, avoiding the area of concern completely!

The Riverlanderer will update as this story develops.

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One thought on “Truck Parks Outside Local Service Station Blocking All Traffic… Becomes a Hero

  1. I wish the local paper would help us with Truck parking problems at the servo in Glossop. We have appealed to the Council, Road network, Traffic planning and Police. You guessed, they don’t give a crap until someone losses their life, even with hundreds of photos and video of Trucks blocking drive ways and other businesses entrances, reversing blind out into traffic, leaving the rear trailer half blocking a lane and then traffic needing to swerve around it because the pumps are not designed for B doubles or Triples, blocking the view of traffic for people trying to get out of junctions, Cattle trucks parking outside residents houses and all the cattle liquid and sloppy waste pouring out and stinking !!. And then there is the refrigerated B doubles that park outside our houses !. Through the day is fine as the noise blends in to the background, but try putting little ones to bed after 8pm when Glossop becomes very quiet or try to hear your own TV at 10pm onwards when two fridge units are working flat out 10 meters from your house !. Summer time and warm evenings are hell if you want your windows open as the noise overpowers any conversation your trying to have. Noise abetment laws come in to effect from 11pm so we are told but unless it’s loud music, nothing else seems to count as an annoying loud noise.
    Tried talking to the steering wheel attendants only to be threatened by some with free facial reconstruction or Knee/leg surgery for free. Talked direct to many of the trucking companies Fleet Managers and was met with mixed responses. Only the local Booth fleet manager was very apologetic and has been nothing less than excellent in “educating” his drivers in respect and basic traffic laws such as it is against the law to block any entrance/exit including driveways, yellow lines or not. The only time you can, is if you stay in your vehicle to drop off or pick up and even then, you are limited to 2 minuets max. It’s in black and white in your Highway code that professional drivers especially are supposed to know.
    A few of the local Police are torn between eating their breakfast or lunch at the servo or upholding the law ! You take a guess which option wins especially when you approach said Law enforcers and your told to take it up with the Driver yourself !!!, Yes the ones offering free surgeries !. Who wears the badge and Gun again ?? I must have forgotten silly me.
    To all the real hard working Truckies whom are considerate to other road users and Local residents any where in Australia, well done Guys and Gals, without your hard work we the consumers would have a very hard life. To the ones that think they OWN the roads, you don’t, your just wannabies and a disgrace to the Trucking industry.


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