New “sizzling” evidence puts police back on BBQ Bandit trail

The BBQ bandit is a notorious Riverland criminal, best known for their heinous crimes against BBQ’s, where they would use a BBQ and deliberately leave it filthy. Police were hot on the tail of this criminal mastermind before the trail went suspiciously cold a few months ago, resulting in them losing all hope of uncovering the bandit’s identity.

However, yesterday, Sergeant Patty Noe-Cook announced that new evidence had shed light on the case, where she revealed that the BBQ bandit had struck again after months in hiding.

A summary of her public statement:

“We are aware of another BBQ crime that occurred around 4 am yesterday morning. However, this attack was unlike any other we have seen before and it was clear that the BBQ bandit had been planning this for months. Upon examining the crime scene, we found what was left of a native Australian carp on the BBQ. The charred nature of the carp corpse made it clear that this crime was personal and we believe that the BBQ bandit was protesting the talk of a new law to further restrict the poaching of carp. We believe the BBQ bandit is a carp poacher which gives us some strong leads to follow”.

The video to Sergeant Cook’s full statement can be found here:

With the day of the “Native Australian Carp Protection Law” fast approaching, it is likely that the BBQ bandit will become more active in the community again. There are even talks of stationing police around parliament house during the voting to ensure safety.

The Riverlanderer will post updates as they come.

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