Berri council enforces Rememberance Day ‘minute of silence’ with 1 hour of no power

Rememberance Day: The day where we reflect and remember those who sacrificed and served in the war. Traditionally in Australia, we participate in a minute of silence, starting at 11:00 am. The Berri council however, has taken a different approach this year, cutting off the entire town’s power supply for an hour.

“A single minute is not enough.”

“To those who served in the war, and to those who sacrificed their lives for our country, we owe them more than a singular minute.” a Berri council spokesperson said.

“We’ve taken the initiative to enforce a 1 hour of no electricity throughout the township of Berri. From 11:00 am until noon, no one will have access to electricity. We want everyone in this town to use this hour for reflection and rememberance. This means no iPhones or Xbox computer games, just quiet contemplation for the entire hour.”

The Berri council has stated that they’ve made plans for a ’24-hour no power’ day of rememberance for 2022.

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