Barmera residents ‘furious’, as council continues to refuse to drain the lake

Barmera residents have once again taken to the streets in protest, as the council has made the statement today that they still have ‘no current plans’ to drain Lake Bonney. This statement has caused outrage amongst the townspeople, many of whom say the lake is ‘unsightly’, and ‘scaring off tourists’.

“It’s an eyesore, nobody here likes it.”

Life long Barmera resident Lay Khader claims the lake has been a continual burden of the town.

“It’s disgusting, really. We’ve got this beautiful bustling tourist town, and then right next to it is this giant nasty body of water. You can smell the stench of dead fish emanating from it from miles away. I can’t even count how many tourists have passed on Barmera because of it. If something about it isn’t done soon, I worry that Barmera will be no more.”

With the council having a lot to answer for, we spoke to a Barmera council spokesperson on their reasoning behind the controversial decision.

“It’s not as easy as they think. We simply don’t have the equipment to displace that amount of water, and even if we did, where would we put it? Then on top of that you have the environmental issues to deal with. Since the lake is home to many native and endangered species, such as the native Australian carp, we’re forbidden from simply removing the entire lake. At this point there’s really nothing we can do about it unfortunately.”

The Riverlanderer will update as this story develops.

One thought on “Barmera residents ‘furious’, as council continues to refuse to drain the lake

  1. BARMERA residence are so one eyed , ! that lake has drawn more tourist to Barmera in the last 10 years that i have known of , than the town is prepared for ,you people had better wake up and smell the roses instead of the garbage your leaving behind! WHY ARE YOU ALL TRYING TO KILL OF THE TOURIST TRADE YOU ARE GETTING ?? WHY IS IT VERY HARD TO GET THROUGH YOUR HEADS THAT ENOUGH IS NOT BEING DONE TO SUPPORT YOUR TOWN BECAUSE YOU ARE ALL NARROW-MINDED RETIREES WHO DONT WANT TOURIST,YOU WANT IT TO BE A RETIREMENT TOWN ? IS THAT IT ??
    THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TOURIST TRADE IN BARMERA AS IT IS ! it seems that everytime a suggestion is brought forth to do with bringing in more trade and tourists its knocked on the head ,by biggoted people who think they are intitled to do what they want ,! WELL IT TIME TO SHUT UP AND LET MORE TOURIST ATTRACTION COME TO TOWN ,AND IF YOUR NOT HAPPY WITH THAT ! THEN SELL UP AND MOVE AWAY TO WHERE YOU CAN RULE THE ROOST ,JUST WAIT UNTIL NEXT TOWN MEETING ,I WILL BE MAKING SURE THAT ,MY OPINIONS ARE HEARD AND THAT OF MANY OTHERS who want to stop the decline of the town and save the businesses that we have and reopen some that have closed or introduce new business that are good for the town ,and stop the decline of Barmera once and for all ! ,.


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