‘Palm trees behind sheds’ the #1 fire hazard in the Riverland, top fire chief says

Every day the fire danger season looms closer and closer, and changes are needing to be made to ensure a safe and fire-free summer. With the growing threat of fires, the Riverland Fire Chief Bernie Palmer has provided some safety tips to residents of the region, including a surprising hazard that not many people are aware of.

“Palm trees behind sheds are the number 1 cause of residential fires.”

“It really is a hidden hazard that not many people are aware of,” said Fire Chief Bernie Palmer.

“If you’ve got a shed, check behind it for hidden palms, and while you’re there, look over the fence and check your neighbour’s sheds, in case they have any hidden palms they may not have noticed. Prevention is the key, and removing those hazardous palms is the top priority.”

The Fire Chief has stated that mandatory home and shed inspections will be conducted throughout the fire danger season to check for and remove fire hazards.

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