New Berri pet store delayed as exotic animal ownership laws tighten

There may be delays with the opening of Berri’s new pet store, a council spokesperson claims, after SA’s new laws on exotic animal ownership comes into effect. The new laws require a 3-month training course to receive the necessary license to sell or own exotic animals as pets.

While originally boasting a large variety of animals for sale, the owner is now concerned that their stock may be too limited to attract customers.

“We’ve had to make significant changes. 95% of what we had planned we now have to cancel,” said owner Leon King.

“We’ve had to return all our stock of exotic animals. The monkeys, tarantulas, and even the turkeys have to be shipped back to China. The store is basically empty now. How are we supposed to attract customers selling boring animals like cats and dogs? That’s not what the people of the Riverland want for pets.”

Despite this setback, owner Leon King is committed to going ahead with the opening of the store, with it expecting to open later this year.

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