3 year-old fined $1000 after failing to complete COVID check-in

‘Have you checked in?’; This is the question we’re all being asked these days. With a mandatory check-in system in place, SAPOL is reminding the public that everyone is required to check-in.

“When we say everyone, we really do mean everyone.”

“There’s no exceptions to the rules, every single living human who enters a business must perform the mandatory check-in, regardless of how old you are,” said the Police spokesperson.

“As we say in the police force, ‘if you’re old enough to breathe, you’re old enough to leave (your name and contact information)’.”

A harsh example of the severity of this rule has been made this past weekend, with a 3 year-old Berri resident allegedly refusing to follow proper COVID check-in procedures when entering a service station with his mother. Plainclothes officer Sgt. Chris P Creme witnessed the event while in the service station on his lunch break.

“The suspect entered the facility with his mother at 1230 hours. While his mother successfully completed the check-in on her mobile device, the child did not even attempt it. After observing the suspect fail to check-in via mobile, he also failed to check-in via the paper sign-in sheet on the counter. It was at this point I applied the required force to restrain and handcuff the suspect, and brought him into the back of the police vehicle to head to the station for questioning,” Sgt. Chris explained.

The 3 year-old has been fined $1000 and will appear in the Berri Magistrates court in September.

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