Renmark Roundabout Removal; ‘keep complaining and we’ll remove more,’ mayor states

A shock announcement from the mayor of Renmark has been made today, in which he’s ordered for the removal of the roundabout at the intersection of Renmark Avenue and 18th Street. This announcement comes as a response to the public’s request for a roundabout near McDonald’s on 21st Street, a request that the mayor says he’s ‘sick and tired’ of hearing about.

“It’s not happening, I’m sick and tired of hearing about it.”

“Every day it’s the same thing, people dribble-on about the ‘road safety’ and how it’s a ‘dangerous intersection’, and I’m sick of hearing it,” the mayor stated.

“We’re not putting a roundabout there, and that’s the end of it. In fact, we’re actually going to be removing a roundabout, and if the complaining continues, we’ll be removing more and more roundabouts.”

The Renmark council has stated that its 2021 budget has money put aside for these roundabout removals, and will also be ‘drastically increasing rates whenever needed’ if the projects go over budget.

“It is very costly to remove the roundabouts, of course, but if that’s what the mayor decides then we have no choice,” council spokesperson Rohan de Bout said.

“This first removal is set to cost around $2m if we stay on budget, and there’s at least 3 other roundabouts that the mayor has highlighted for potential removal too, it’s a very costly operation.”

Deconstruction on the first roundabout is set to commence in August.

One thought on “Renmark Roundabout Removal; ‘keep complaining and we’ll remove more,’ mayor states

  1. I think he should pull his head in There must be lots of things that money could do
    And dribble as he calls it is well founded when safety is concerned
    Thank goodness I don’t vote for Renmark as he wouldn’t get my vote


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