Riverland Railway approval; council plans to phase out trucks by 2025

Choo choo! Trains are coming to the Riverland! The mayor of the Riverland has today unveiled a long term plan to introduce infrastructure to support the implementation of a rail network in the Riverland region. The plan, when complete, will introduce passenger and cargo trains that will travel throughout the Riverland and beyond.

The railway network will travel all around the Riverland region.

“It’s going to help our region grow immensely.”

“This is how we transform the Riverland from a quiet country region to a bustling tourist mecca,” said the mayor of the Riverland.

“The first stage is to connect all the major Riverland towns, and from there we’ll have a solid foundation to expand and connect to other regions. This will also eliminate the need for trucks, a change that will be extremely welcoming in the Riverland. One of the biggest complaints we [Riverland council headquarters] receive is the number of trucks. From the noise, pollution, and dangerous driving, the critiques of trucks are endless, and that’s why we pledge to eliminate trucks from the Riverland by 2025.”

The grand central station will be centrally located in the town of Berri, with smaller stations stationed at other large Riverland towns. From the mayor’s plan, currently Renmark, Loxton, Barmera, Monash, Waikerie, and Wunkar will all also feature a train station.

5 thoughts on “Riverland Railway approval; council plans to phase out trucks by 2025

  1. I bet it doesn’t work . Extra handling of goods, freight to and from the railways Trucks go directly to mainly every where. But it would be good to free up the roads.


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