Pride month in the Riverland; ‘It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, bi, trans, or even from Monash, you’re welcome here,’ mayor states

It’s pride month, the time of year where we celebrate a diversity of sexual orientations, or if you’re a business, capitalise on it with token gestures of acceptance. The mayor of the Riverland has made a statement on the topic, which has has touched the hearts of many.

“Be proud, Riverlanders”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, bi, trans, or even from Monash, you’re welcome here,” the mayor stated. “We celebrate a diverse range of people here in the Riverland, of all ages, races, sexualities, and towns, so let’s be proud of who we are. No matter who you love, or where you’re from, even if it’s a broken-down wasteland like Monash, you can be proud.”

This heartfelt speech has inspired many Riverland residents to also ‘come out’ as Monash residents, after building up the courage from the mayor.

Ashley Mona is a Monash resident who goes to school at Glossop High School, and until recently had never told anyone she was from Monash.

“I would tell my friends I was from Berri, and that they couldn’t come over to hang out because my mum wouldn’t let me have friends over. Truthfully though I was just ashamed to tell them I lived in Monash,” said Ashley.

Ashley’s friends mentioned that they had long suspected this might be the case, stating that she’d been seen multiple times wearing maroon coloured clothes (Monash’s signature colour). Regardless, her friends said they accept her for who she is, and are even curious to visit Monash themselves.

The Riverlanderer would like to remind the public that we are an inclusive news outlet, and are committed to bringing you the best in unbiased independent news, no matter which town you’re from.

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