Rumours of ‘ghost train’ near The Big Orange; “It’s haunted!”

Have you heard the sound of a train at night? How about the rattle of bones, like a skeleton going for a walk? You’re not alone. Reports of these sounds have become increasingly common, and the noises seem to be originating from near The Big Orange. This has lead many to believe there’s a possible ‘ghost train’ in operation.

“I saw it at night, it was a ghost train.”

Berri resident Appa Rition claims she’s seen the ghost train ‘multiple times’, and has spent her nights researching it.

“There is no doubt in my mind that there is a ghost train operating near The Big Orange. You see, the spirit world operates simultaneously as ours, it’s just hidden, like in a different dimension, but sometimes it slips through and that’s when we see things like the ghost train briefly appear.”

Mrs Rition went on to explain why she thinks the ghost train keeps visiting The Big Orange.

“It’s like a tourist attraction for ghosts and skeletons. You know what it’s like in the real world, a new owner buys it up and it has a bit of a hype, but after a week or so the place is dead, it becomes a ghost town – and so they’re forced to shut down and sell. But in the spirit world, the place is as lively as ever.”

The Riverlanderer encourages residents to stay clear of The Big Orange at night, as to avoid any run-ins with creatures from the spiritual world.

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