Re-sized carparks to accommodate lesser skilled drivers trialled at Riverland Central Plaza

On the 25th of May 2021, the Berri-Barmera Council began trialling resized carparks at the Riverland Central Plaza to promote better parking from lesser skilled Riverland drivers. If the trial is successful, the council is planning on rolling out new carparks across the region.

“If we can’t improve their aim, we’re just going to widen the goals”

The council came to the decision after rifling through the many posts made on local Facebook forums and realising that something had to be done.

“We understand some people have the driving ability of a limbless yabby and we want to cater for that”, said local councilman, Rhode Werkes. “If we can’t improve their aim, we’re just going to widen the goals”.

The Plaza trial involved increasing the width of all the carparks in the selected area by 2 metres. Their research suggested that these new dimensions made it almost impossible for a driver to park erroneously.

Some members of the public on the panel expressed concern pointing out that increasing carpark size would reduce overall parks. Senior council member Goode Parker explained;

“We are well aware that this will reduce the number of parks available in a carpark, but something needs to be done. Otherwise, overly angry forum posts featuring pictures of people’s cars slightly out of the lines will continue to skyrocket”.

Pictured below are the before and after shots of the Riverland Central Plaza carpark trial.

Carpark at Riverland Central Plaze before (top) and after (bottom) resizing.

“We are already seeing huge increases in the quality of parking in that area” commented Mr Werkes. “Before we were seeing a whopping 77% of drivers parking outside of the lines. where now we are only seeing about 75%”.

The council has high hopes for the future of Riverland carparking.

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