Good news! Or should we say ‘Hǎo xiāoxī’? – Chinese language to become mandatory in Australian public schools!

Editor’s Note: This article is co-written with Chinese journalist Wang Huang, who is providing the Chinese language segments. The same article will be published in his Chinese news website.

Chinese: 作为对澳大利亚的持续投资的一部分,我们为在澳大利亚的学校中采用中文而感到自豪。

Translation: We are happy to increase good relations with our friend, Australia.

Chinese: 我们希望在2023年之前实现这一转变,并在2030年之前逐步淘汰澳大利亚的英语学习。

Translation: We hope to have Chinese language learnt in Australian schools by 2022.

Chinese: 作为我们协议的一部分,澳大利亚将在其学校容纳500万中国学生。

Translation: This will strengthen the bonds of our two countries and provide opportunities for both Australian and Chinese students.

The Australian government has stated that a large investment from China will be helping to fund this project, and is assuring the public that it will be beneficial to residents of both countries.

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