‘Unwarranted opinions’ on the COVIDSafe check-in system universally enjoyed by employees, studies show

The conspiracy theorist loves to invoke conversations with whoever he meets.

A report on the usage of the COVIDSafe check-in has revelead a unique benefit of the system, which nobody saw coming.

According to the report, employees who remind customers to check-in ‘love to hear the opinions on the check-in system’, by those checking in. Despite the fact that it’s a mandatory system in place by the SA government, customers love to express their feelings on the effectiveness of the system to the workers of those businesses which are required to use them.

“It really is great to hear what the public has to say about the system,” said 17 year old Jessica Addison, who works at a local convenience store. “When I ask someone to check-in with the QR code or paper, I’m always happy when they go the extra mile and tell me about how the system goes too far, or how it’s about government control, especially during busy times when multiple people are trying to check-in. Even though this is a compulsory system that I have no control over, it’s great that the complaints of it are directed at myself.”

We also caught up with local man Con Spiracé, who was more than happy to speak on his issues with it.

“I never use the qr-code check-in, absolutely not, don’t trust it. The paper check-in is almost as bad, you’re signing your life away. I don’t care that it’s mandatory, my opinion will be heard. I will guarantee that the workers who are just trying to do their job, and the other customers, will all get to hear me rant and throw a tantrum about it.”

The Riverlanderer would like to remind the public that the COVIDSafe check-in system is a compulsory and vital system in place in order to prevent covid-19 outbreaks, and the opinions of those in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Riverlanderer.

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