Riverland’s whine industry up 200% in 2021

The last few years have been rough on everyone. With the covid-19 pandemic devastating the world, individuals and businesses alike have faced many hardships. The whine industry in particular has struggled, and with whines being a major export of the Riverland, this is not great for the local economy.

But thankfully, things are looking up. Researchers at the Complaints of the Riverland Institute have released a report stating that ‘whines are up more than 200% so far for the calendar year of 2021’.

“The whines this year have been phenomenal.”

“We are in the middle of one of the best years for whines in a long time,” said Ben Wyning. “I guess with the pandemic happening, people are just finding more things to complain about.”

The Institute has also reported an increasing number of meta-whines, with complaints about complaints reaching an all-time high.

“We’re noticing a fairly recent phenomenon, where a small group whine about X, then a larger group will whine about the small group whining. This all coalesces into one giant whine. In this way we can even observe a method of creating a genuine whine from an artificial one. By using an artificial whine as a catalyst, we can create genuine outrage, all from an event that isn’t real or has been massively exaggerated!”

With the surprisingly successful year so far, the whine industry is expected to make a full recovery.

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