Eddie McGuire sets sights on Waikerie Football Club

A few weeks after the controversy of Port Adelaide’s prison bar guernsey. Former Collingwood president Eddie McGuire has set his sights on the Waikerie Football Club.

Eddie McGuire at Waikerie Oval

Eddie McGuire has recently approached the RFL in regards to Waikerie’s prison bar guernsey. Claiming that only Collingwood is allowed to wear the black and white stripes during matches.

This comes after the AFL stopped Port Adelaide for wearing their historic prison bar guernsey for the showdown against Adelaide.

“Eddie has realized how much influence he has in the sport and is now going on a power trip attacking small country clubs!” David Koch exclaimed. Eddie McGuire responded by saying David Koch has a big nose.

While the decision is being made by the RFL on Waikerie’s use of the prison bars, the club and the RFL have asked the Riverland to design a new guernsey for the team to use if this ban does go through.

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