Royal Australian Mint issues redesign of 20c coin – Native Australian Carp replaces the outdated platypus

It seems like things are finally looking up for the misunderstood carp, which has historically not been treated very kindly in Australia. From being poached, hunted for trophies, or left out on the riverbank to die, the carp has had more than it’s share of troubles over the years. With animal rights activists just recently focusing their efforts on the humble carp, the issue of their treatment has finally flowed into the mainstream.

In an effort to bring awareness to the treatment of the carp, the Royal Australian Mint has made the bold decision to replace the platypus on the 20c coin with the carp.

The new design features a proud mother carp with her two children.

“It is a big change, yes, but the platypus has had more than it’s fair share of time on the coin, and frankly it’s embarrassing that it’s taken us this long to recognise the unfair treatment of the carp. We are definitely committed from here on to re-examine our current currency mascots and replace the old ones with whichever species is currently experiencing danger or needing public attention,” Mr Fisher of the Royal Australian Mint said.

The Royal Australian Mint has stated that production of the new 20c coin will commence early in early 2022, with the mint working closely with banks to remove and replace the old 20c coins.

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