Upgraded PS Industry to be deployed in Renmark to deter rising threats from China

First photos of the new PS Industry

The South Australian Department of Defence has showcased it’s upgrades to the Riverland icon, the PS Industry.

This move comes after recent event involving Chinas increased hostility towards Australia and their recent threats of a Ballistic Missile strike.

“The Riverland is defenceless against an attack from hostile Countries, we need to protect this valuable area and its people” A spokeswoman from the Department of Defence told us.

There are a few gun emplacements around the Riverland for defence in the region, such as the field gun in the main street of Barmera, which was recently attacked by a group of potential Chinese insurgents with tooth paste and will be out of operation for sometime, rendering the township of Barmera defenceless.

The new PS Industry (picured above) will have a crew of 300 sailors and be deployed to Renmark late next month. The PS Industry will also make routine patrols through the Riverland townships.

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