The Argo Barge being targeted by mainstream media spies?

The Argo Barge is a well known piece of history in the Riverland, being the largest barge to ever operate on the Murray River. You’d think that because of this, the public would revere having the Barge on display in Renmark, however, this does not appear to be the case.

Public outcry about the barge has been made online, where it has been labelled “…an eyesore of a shed on a boat”. These negative comments lead us to believe that the sinking of the barge in September 2019 was actually sabotage, possibly by one of these barge haters. It is also suspected that these online barge haters are not angry Riverlanders but are actually spies working for the mainstream media.

The barge was since refloated and saved by transferral to the Olivewood Historic Homestead and Museum in Renmark. However, it is likely that the saboteurs will be back to finish what they started. A shocking discovery was made in a home raid of a suspected barge hater, where plans for a “new and improved barge’ were found. The plans, pictured below, displayed what the barge haters considered to be a better Argo Barge.

The Argo Barge plans discovered in a barge hater’s house. The plans show the Argo Barge with hay bales and wine barrels added to the deck with no sign of the original shed.

It is possible that these online barge haters are working alone, however, it is much more likely that they are an organised mainstream media group, all driven by their hatred of the barge.

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