Local animal behaviour research centre shares one unusual tip that people can use to prevent losing their dogs

A breakthrough in animal behaviour research has potentially revolutionised the way that dog owners can prevent their dogs from running away from home.

“I used to just hope my dog wouldn’t escape from my completely unfenced yard…”

Researchers at Leading Animal Behaviour Research And Development of Obedience Riverland (LABRADOR) have found some unlikely steps that a dog owner can take to prevent their furry companion from running rampant on the streets. Head researcher Dr Odie Clifford was very excited to share their findings with us.

“We have found that the number one way to prevent a would be escapee is to erect a fence line around the perimeter of the yard. Our studies have shown that by enclosing the property with a fence that is higher than the dog can jump can actually drastically reduce its chances of getting out”.

A diagram kindly provided by the LABRADOR team from their journal article, Fenced Perimeters Significantly Reduce Chances of Dog Escape published in the Journal of Animal Behaviour

Local dog owners were astounded at the news and were thrilled that they would finally be able to stop losing their dogs and no longer have to spend time posting to local forums, enquiring about their furbaby’s whereabouts.

“I used to just hope my dog wouldn’t escape from my completely unfenced yard and then just post to the local forum every time he did…which was always”, laughed local dog owner Margaret. “I never even considered trying to put up a physical perimeter that my dog could not walk through or jump over”.

However, the story does not end here. The research team also commented on work they were currently doing, delving further into the world outside of the yard.

“We can’t say too much at this stage, as we still have more tests to do”, said Dr Clifford, “But we are making progress with a device that can be attached to a dog that the owner can hold onto, preventing the dog from running away while on a walk”.

We’ll be following LABRADOR’s work with great interest.

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