Nuclear testing site to be approved not too far outside of Berri

The power of the atom is quite strong; strong enough for the Chinese Communist Party to propose a deal with the Riverland Council to construct a facility in the Gurra Gurra wetlands.
As of mid-August this year, Chinese officials will be immigrating into Berri to start working on the massive project.

Approximately 3,520,943.92 Yen will be injected into the Riverland’s economy. Which in turn can be used for other infrastructural purposes such as (but not limited to) an oil rig, the Berri riverfront and a grand central train station.

A council spokesperson made this statement:
“We are hoping this project will help our two nations come together and help stimulate our dwindling economy.”
We also asked why Berri was chosen as the location:
“Why Berri? Well, they always hear big bangs anyway!”

More to come.

One thought on “Nuclear testing site to be approved not too far outside of Berri

  1. Why wernt we ask for our opinions Berri Council . It’s the people that vote you in . It’s your obligation to ask us same payers


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