‘BBQ Bandit’ strikes again; local councils asking for public assistance in catching the criminal responsible for the unclean BBQs

The BBQ Bandit leaves his mark by not cleaning public BBQs after use.

The Riverland has once again descended into chaos, as the ‘BBQ Bandit’ strikes for the 3rd time in a week. The individual, who is yet to be identified, has been cooking on public BBQs and not cleaning up afterwards, resulting in an unusable dirty cooking surface. His BBQ mess has so far been spotted in Barmera and Loxton, although local councils are warning that he could strike at any Riverland town.

“Anyone with information about this ‘BBQ Bandit’ needs to come forward, it’s absolutely unacceptable. Our councils don’t have the resources to send out people to clean up after others, we’re not made of money you know.” stated Mayor of The Riverland.

The Berri council however, has decided to be proactive, and install security cameras at the BBQs at Glassey Park and Martin’s Bend, hoping to catch the bandit in action. The council has also stated that ‘armed guards’ may be implemented if the cameras fail to catch him.

The Mayor of The Riverland urges anyone with information on the ‘BBQ Bandit’ to come forward and pass it on to their local council office, although care should be taken if witnessing the ‘BBQ Bandit’ in action, as he may be dangerous.

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