Everything up in flames for beloved Riverland icon

Riverland icon, Lance Charles has been left gobsmacked after coming home from a crossfit session to find his house up in flames.

“The mainstream media are always harassing me…It really could have been any of them”

Lance Charles – Head Writer and Editor-in-chief at the Riverlanderer

Local arson investigators are treating the blaze as suspicious, where it is suspected that it was started by someone from or affiliated with the mainstream media.

Images of Charles’ property in Berri before and after the arson attack are shown below.

“I’m not really sure” said Lance in an interview, when asked about who he thought might have been behind it. “The mainstream media are always harassing me because I report the truth. Just yesterday Tracey Grimmshaw yelled at me from the sidewalk, calling me a hoon. It really could have been any of them”

Lance is currently staying with his mother, Janet Charles, and will continue to until the investigation is complete as any financial compensation cannot be dealt until then.

“I just want people to know that regardless of where I’m staying or how much money I have, I will always be writing and working to uncover and deliver the truth to my Riverland audience”, replied Charles when questioned about how his house loss would affect his future at the Riverlanderer.

We wish Lance all the best in this troubling time.

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