Local Riverland dance group set to “twerk it” at Barmera ANZAC Day service

“We approached the Berri-Barmera Council quite sheepishly…but they loved the idea”

The Barmera ANZAC Day service is renowned for being one of the biggest and best commemorative services in the Riverland, and this years is set to be one of the greatest yet.

After the unexpected success achieved by the affectionately named “navy twerk dance” at the commissioning of the new HMAS Supply in Sydney, Riverland dance group, The Hiphop Institute for Country Citizens with Cake (THICCC) have been inspired to follow in their footsteps.

“We approached the Berri-Barmera Council quite sheepishly with our idea”, laughed dance coordinator Shaekma Bewdy, “but they loved the idea and even offered us an extra 15 minutes of stage time than what we originally asked for”.

The group remains quite cagey about the routine they have been working on and didn’t offer any hints about the kind of dance they were planning. Butt they were assuring of the fact that they will remain true to the primary “twerk” theme of the viral navy dance that captured the hearts of every Australian.

I imagine I can speak for everyone when I say that I can’t wait to see the THICCC girls in action!

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