Oil Rig to be erected on Lake Bonney after new oil reserve discovered underground

Wine, fruit, almonds and now add Oil to the list of things that the Riverland exports!

On Monday morning BP announced its plan to start drilling at Lake Bonney after a large oil reserve was found a few months back sitting deep below the lake.

The drilling will take place using a large off shore drilling platform close to the middle of the lake which will take several months to be built.

Barmera residents are excited about the new change to the lake. “The view of the lake is actually quite boring to look at, its just large and flat, nothing to really see, this will be a nice change!” One woman told us. “This will be good for the local economy!” A Barmera man exclaimed.

Of course, some environmental issues will come from an oil rig in the centre of the lake. Noone will be allowed to swim in the lake once drilling commences for fears of contaminating the oil, lowering the price of export. A 3m tall fence will be constructed all around the lake and the lake will be closed off to the Murray River as not to pollute the river.

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