Glossop citizens outraged as council proposes ‘gun ban’

The Glossop council has today announced the proposal of a controversial new bill banning the owning and sale of firearms. This proposal comes after several gun-related incidents in Glossop, which the Glossop council is now hoping to prevent more of these events in the future. However, the residents of Glossop are not taking this news well, with many of them calling it an attack on their culture.

“Guns have been in Glossop for as long as it’s existed. The name Glossop itself is an acronym about guns. ‘Guns, Lots Of Shooting: Shooting At People’. To remove the guns from Glossop is ridiculous,” said Glossop resident Henry Smith.

On the flip side, Berri and Barmera residents are welcoming this change, claiming the drive through Glossop to get to other towns as being too dangerous, and not worth the risk currently.

“It’s like playing Russian roulette every time you drive through Glossop. There’s always bullets flying through the air, it’s ridiculous. I don’t even drive to Barmera anymore because it’s not worth the damage to my car,” said Berri resident Veronica Andrews.

The gun culture of Glossop has already caused several businesses to move to other towns, including Glossop High School which is in the process of moving completely to Berri.

The bill is expected to go through Glossop parliament house on April 21st.

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