Monash descends into chaos as sole sheriff calls it quits

The town of Monash, now a lawless wasteland.

The town of Monash has quickly fallen into chaos after a series of unfortunate events. Last week, the only remaining sherriff of the town, Sheriff Sassafras, has announced his retirement and departure from the town. Taking into account the lack of council in Monash, this now means the town has no legal protection, making it one of the few places in Australia with no laws.

Residents of the town have spoken out, fearing what is to come.

“It was a real hog-killin time with the sheriff here, sure we had the occasional shootout over a game of flappy dacky, or when an odd-stick plumbed out over his adam’s ale, but we always had the sheriff to escort them to the hoosegow for the night when needed.” said the owner of the local saloon.

“I fear for the town now that it’s gone bag of nails, any old varmint could rooster up, full as a tick with a shooting iron and send us all to the bone orchard.”

While the residents have concerns, many have expressed that they won’t be leaving, feeling they’ll be safer here than nearby settlements like Glossop.

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